If you have toolbars on your browser, like the Google, Yahoo, or Alexa toolbars, those also keep your search history for future reference…which is actually quite handy when you are trying to find something again and cannot remember what search term was successful.

Scroll down and then click on the Reset option to reset and restore the settings of the browser. Easy Steps to Remove Yahoo search engine from the Mozilla Firefox: To remove the Yahoo web browser malware from your Firefox browser then you can go through the steps below. Uninstall Malicious add-ons from the Firefox: Launch Mozilla Firefox How to Remove Browser Ads from Internet Explorer, Chrome Jan 10, 2017 How To Remove The Search Iminent "Search The Web" Hijacker

Sep 18, 2015

Mar 07, 2020 · Chrome allows you to easily remove a single website or more. First, select Chrome option on the top right corner then select “history”. Next, tick a website or two then click Remove selected items. Then, a pop up message for confirmation click “Remove”. You can use search form if you can’t find your intended websites. Remove selected Finally, I tackle the real problem and uninstall the “Search the Web” Toolbar from my PC. Complete details about “Search the Web” Toolbar. Actually “Search the Web” toolbar is a freeware application developed by Web Bar Media in order to access the web directly from the desktop without opening a Web Browser.

How to remove Web Discover easily

How to uninstall (remove) Web Bar Nov 20, 2015 Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history Chrome. In the browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. At the top of the "Clear … Smart Web Search – How to remove (Dec, 2019) – Dedicated 2 Dec 06, 2019