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As I said, I'm familiar with effects loops, having used them before, but it was the "valve buffered" bit that was new to me. But I'd never thought about the output level of the pedals within the effects loop, so this has been very useful. That's a really helpful link too :) – Matt Jones Apr 4 '17 at 8:05 Mojotone Discrete Hi-Voltage Series Effects Loop for Name: Rick Williamson Rating: 5 null I put this effects loop into a Vox AC-15 JMI 1961 clone which I built from scratch. I wired in a 4 pole double throw switch so there would be no interference due to the way the channels pass to the phase splitter. Basically one channel can go through the loop while the other passes straight to the phase splitter. Schematics.com | Guitar Amp Effect Loop Tube Buffer This is a Guitar Amp Effects Loop Buffer based off the Vox V941. While the basic functionality is the same as the original Vox model, several improvements are offered in this design. First, this plan uses a greatly simplified and improved rectification circuit. Also, this plan utilizes a center-tapped 6.3V secondary for the tube heaters. tube effects loop on board Jan 03, 2020

This is a kit form of the “Best All-Tube Effects Loop” from our book TUT – The Ultimate Tone. It offers series or parallel operation, ‘send’ and ‘return’ level controls and jacks, and transparent mixing. The ‘send’ is buffered, eliminating problems with long cables to your effects.

Loop 2 - Dirt Loop Switcher (Xenagama Tail - no buffer) XT Loop 1 – Interchangeable Fuzz Loop - Super 72 > XT Loop 2 - to external S/R jacks > WH1 Whammy (buffered) > XT Loop 3 - Boss MZ-2 (buffered bypass) Loop 3 - BKB/Chandler Tube Driver - LOW GAIN (input buffer only) > TC BLD (buffered bypass) Loop 4 - Green Russian Big Muff > '73 Big Muff Jul 30, 2010 · What exactly are you trying to accomplish by having a loop? Are you doing this out of necessity or because you read it on the internet? Personally I find effects loops on low watt amps retarded. If you're going to saturate the power section, which after all is the point of a low watt amp, that occurs after the loop anyway so all you're going to gain is a tiny extra bit of clarity out of that Buffer (Integrated Circuit Based) These buffers can be used in standalone boxes, or can be integrated into a Splitter Box, A/B stompbox, A/B/Y stompbox or on the front end of any unbuffered stompbox you have.

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Bogner Ecstacy 20th Anniversary/ 100wt/like new! | | Reverb 2 days ago · From its tube-buffered effects loop to its Plexi mode to its assignable presence controls and Excursion switches, this head is brimming with the pro features you want from an amp. Plus, Bogner puts an array of functions right at your feet with the included footswitch. Products | Blues City Music, LLC - Boutique Guitars, Amps My Account; Home; About Us; Amps Mesa Boogie Amps; Diamond Amps; Mezzabarba Amps