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OOP57-CPP. Prefer special member functions and overloaded operators to C Standard Library functions 5018 CON51-CPP. Ensure actively held locks are released on exceptional conditions 5019 CON54-CPP. Wrap functions that can spuriously wake up in a loop 5020 CON55-CPP. PRQA QA-C PRQA QA-C =20 This page was automatically generated and should not be edited. =20 =20 =20 The information on this page was provided by outside contributors and ha= s not been verified by SEI CERT. =20 =20 =20 The table below can be re-ordered, by clicking column headers. =20 =20 Tool Version: 9.7=20 =20 =20 Checker =20 Programming Research Limited - Wikipedia Programming Research Limited (PRQA) was a United Kingdom-based developer of code quality management software for embedded software, which included the static program analysis tools QA·C and QA·C++, now known as Helix QAC. It created the High Integrity C++ software coding standard. PRQA QA·C++ | Trinity Technologies

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Form PRQA-01 Reise Septemer 018 SECTION C – QUALIFICATIONS ASSESSMENT DETAILS OF TEACHER EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS The course of primary teacher education should include all three of the following major areas: Studies in the Foundation Disciplines of Education, Professional Studies (Studies in Curriculum/Pedagogy), and Request Support | Perforce

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QA·C RELEASE NOTES - PRQA - Programming Research QA·C also generates new messages (3678, 3679 and 3695) to indicate when a local or static pointer variable could be declared with increased const-qualification, for example: /*PRQA S 0-9999 ++*/