Here’s how to do it. Change or remove an email address. In Gmail, in the top-left corner, click on the dropdown arrow next to Gmail (for some, it may say Mail) and choose Contacts. Then click into the contact that you want to delete. You have a few options.

4. On the menu on the left, click on Delete your account or services. 5. Click on Delete products. 6. You will now be prompted to re-enter credentials. Enter them and sign in. 7. to the icon for your Gmail account, click on the dustbin icon. 8. Type in a new primary email address (either an old email account you also plan to scrub or your new How to delete an email account on an iPad in 4 steps You should see a list of all the email accounts on your iPad which use the Mail app. Tap the account you want to remove. 4. On the account's details page, tap "Delete Account" and then confirm How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently Nov 29, 2017

Nov 29, 2017 · Gmail is the easy and efficient email client from Google, that we use for our personal email account. But sometime we may mess-up with email account and may delete your emails on purpose or by accident from your account. If you delete any email that you still need, you can recover deleted Email from GMail account.

Remove or delete an email account from Outlook - Outlook Remove or delete an email account from Outlook. From the main Outlook window, select File in the upper left corner of the screen. Note : For Outlook 2007, select Tools > Account Settings and Select Account Settings > Account Settings . Select the account you want to delete, then select Remove .

Aug 14, 2019 · Click on the Trash icon to continue.Select “Trash icon” to delete Gmail account. Step 6: Now confirm your activity by marking “Yes, i want to delete my Gmail and remove it from my Google account” Step 7: Now you need to enter a new primary Email address and current password to proceed.

Now in case once you delete your Gmail account and need to access any email you received to this email address, you can do that by re-storing emails from backup. 2 – Change your Email to a new one The other important thing you need to do before heading to delete your Gmail account permanently is to change email with a new one.