How to Fix YouTube Loading and Buffering Problems and

You are trying to enjoy a YouTube, Netflix, or any streaming movie / TV show service, but the video streaming's slow buffering lag is beginning to drive you mad. Of course, we all know the simple solution is to press pause and let the video finish buffering until it is fully loaded onto your Windows computer. How to Stop YouTube Videos From Buffering and Lagging Clear Browser Cache. The first step that you can take to fix the problem of YouTube Videos … [Fix] YouTube Video Stuttering or Buffering issue in Jan 06, 2020

Feb 16, 2016 · ACER aspire ES 15 Internet and youtube video problems. DPC Watchdog Violation crash every time I watch a youtube video for more than 5 mins. Choppy video 1080p .mkv file with vlc (no audio problems; no issues playing 1080p YouTube videos) Using Chrome: YouTube Videos and other video websites AUDIO garbled. Youtube Horizontal Tearing

Jan 31, 2020 YouTube Buffering Videos All the Time? Here's How to Fix

For about 5 months now I am having a problem with watching YouTube video's in Chrome. Either right at the start, after 3 seconds, or sometimes 10 minutes in, YouTube stops loading the video. When watching YT videos in Edge they load instantly and there is no buffering whatsoever, which means my internet connection is not the problem.

Oct 07, 2019 · A poor Internet connection is the most common cause of a streaming or slow buffering problem when you try to play high quality videos online. For example, to watch HDTV on YouTube, you need an Internet connection of at least 1+ Mbps for streaming. Other smaller online video clips can be easily viewed at an Internet speed of at least 500 Kbps. So, Why do YouTube videos load slowly? There is no need to worry because you can fix YouTube videos lagging. This post will show you how to fix YouTube videos lagging or buffering. Part 1. Why is YouTube so slow to load The last thing on your mind should be to face YouTube videos load slowly or buffering. I noticed that when I try to play a YouTube video, like a 5-minute video, it buffers EXTREMELY slow, like it takes nearly 30 freaking minutes to load a 5-minute video, filling the player bar all Feb 08, 2020 · Find the video you want to slow down on YouTube. To get started, simply open the YouTube video that you'd like to view in slow motion. It doesn't matter how you get to it — you can use the search bar, the video's URL, or even find it embedded in an outside web page.